Tech Tuesday – Fit Brains

What apps have you been using lately? That’s what we asked our team for the debut of our new tech series, Tech Tuesday.

Form and function should always go hand in hand, and there’s no better example of this than the apps we use every day. Pretty much all of us here at the Inc. use at least one or two cool apps on a daily basis, so here are our personal favorites for your downloading pleasure.

This week, we’re showcasing Fit Brains. This brain-training app delivers a variety of mini games and exercises focused on keeping your brain active, which, according to neurological research, has a ton of long term benefits.

IMG_6501[2]     IMG_6502[8]

Basically, every time you train with the app, you’re opening new neural pathways, which makes room for sharper memory, deeper concentration – you know, everything your brain does that makes your life easier.

IMG_6505   IMG_6506

Each game targets a different area of the brain: memory, problem solving, focus, words, speed, and visual skill. Every time you play, there’s a new challenge, which is what you need to keep yourself sharp and attentive.

IMG_6503    IMG_6509[2]

You can download it for free (!!!) in the App Store. Try it out for yourself and let’s talk about it on Twitter or Facebook! You know where to find us – @GravillisInc, of course!

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