So You Want To Be Our Design Assistant?

Have you heard the good word? The word that we’re currently seeking talented design assistants to join our team? If not, we’re telling you now!

We have high standards for the talent of prospective designers here at the Inc., so we thought it would be a good idea to give you a sense of what those standards are. At the very least, it’ll help give you some clout wherever you choose to submit your portfolio.

We have some pearls of wisdom for anyone planning to apply for a position here:


We apologize for type-yelling, but this is serious. As a graphic designer, you’re given an amazing opportunity to immediately show us what you’ve got. Treat your résumé as if it were a sample in your portfolio. Give us a feel for your aesthetic, and show that you’re passionate about the field you’re pursuing.

INSIDER TIP: If you provide a link to your portfolio within your résumé (umm, awesome!), make sure it’s easy to locate.


You don’t have to say a lot, but give us more than just a generic introductory e-mail. Show some of that rockin’ personality and that you’ve done your research. Check out our website, Twitter, and Instagram for some insight.

INSIDER TIP:  We’re a laid-back group. No need to address a “Sir or Madam…” – a “Hey,” “Hi,” or “What’s up” is cool by us.


Hey, you! You’re talented. Be proud and brag about it. Attach a pdf of your work. Provide a link to your website. Either. Both. SOMETHING!

INSIDER TIP: You don’t have to come from a key art background, but consider what we do here at the Inc. If you don’t have any movie/tv posters in your portfolio, assign yourself some homework – pick a couple of your favorite movies and create original art. Who doesn’t love a hard worker with some discipline?


You may be starting from the bottom, but now you’re here! Show us how much you want it, and that you’ll do whatever it takes (within legal limits) to achieve it.

INSIDER TIP: Proactivity. All the time. Always.

Well, there you have it! Now it’s your turn to show us what you’ve got. Send us an email with your résumé and portfolio to Go on, hit us with your best shot!


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