Meet The Interns!

The Gravillis Inc. team includes some of the most passionate and hard-working people around, and our interns are no exception. They are fresh. They are talented. They are hungry. They can do it all! Seriously.

Without further distraction, meet our spring/summer interns!

TALYA | Admin Intern
Boston University, College of Communication 2014 | B.S. in Film & Television, Minor in Japanese


 “Art is cool. Artists are cool, too. Let’s make cool art together.

How can I help? I just ordered new ink cartridges. Here are the .jpgs you needed. A hug? Of course you can – get over here, you silly.

I love sequential art and time-based media. Someday, I’d like to direct my own animated series. It’ll be a noir comedy about stuffed animals.”

Design Intern
Cornish College of The Arts | Graphic Design
Art Center College of Design |Graphic Design & Product Design


“What do you need? I can do it.

When I’m not at my desk, jamming out to 90’s hits and designing my heart out, you can usually find me at the admin’s desk bragging about going to pilates class – because if people don’t know you work out, then what’s the point? AMIRIGHTGUYS?! 

Eventually, I’d love to combine my passion for graphic design with my passion for product design, and start my own firm where we do everything from screen printing your band posters to building you a really sweet planter out of reclaimed wood pallets.”

Design Intern

Otis College of Art and Design | Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design


 “I’m interested in all types of the visual art field. I like to paint, draw, photograph, collage, silkscreen, etc. I like to play and create work, even if it’s just for myself.

Right now at Gravillis, I’m learning how to translate my art into the world of entertainment.”

Design Intern
Cal State Fullerton, Class of 2014 | BFA in Graphic Design


“I descended from the Mexican heavens on a mission to spread the awesomeness of design, ceviche and all things spicy. Otherwise, I’m here at Gravillis Inc. trying to master the best pot of coffee, pitching awesome ideas and learning from everyone around me.

In the future, I’d love to continue working here at Gravillis (hint, hint!) with these crazy cool people who have taught me so, so much.”


If you are interested in joining this crew, send your resume and portfolio to

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